At Trade Shows, Sporting Events, Home Shows, Open Houses, Churches or in your Office or Store, these custom decorated keys can be cut to fit your prospect's front door. They will go on a Key-Ring and into Pockets or Purses...

Your Advertising Dollars are now Working!

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Once these beautifully decorated items get on the key rings of customers, they will take your end-users name recognition numbers off the chart. Every day people fumble with their key rings a minimum 10 times a day. They will see your logo & contact information every time they use their keys. That’s 3,000 plus touches a year. Put 1,000 keys on rings and the numbers sail into the millions… every year!

Call us for ideas on how your company or organization can use promotional keys to keep your name in front of prospects and customers.

"Your customers will love this product. Wow! is the usual response describing the customer's reaction to the decorated key. Getting these custom decorated keys cut to match your customer´s front door is as easy as buying your own simple to run key cutting machine or having them go to their nearest locksmith to have it cut. All machine orders include a free "How to Cut keys"

An international retailer’s Northern California’s grand opening was grander for the people who came in the first day. 1,100 custom decorated keys were cut at the front door while 900 more keys were put on rings of the shoppers who didn’t want to wait with up to 125 other people who stood in line to get a decorated key on their ring. The keys were so well received by the customers that this international retailer has added RelKeys to their next grand opening in Michigan hiring a locksmith to cut the keys for them. It didn’t hurt when this retailer’s top dog overheard one person in line say… “this nice ‘Frisbee’ will end up on my roof by 2:00 today but that key you are cutting will be with me for a couple of years…thanks, very nice give-away.”

If your prospects do not have the key to their front door with them, give them a steel bottle opener/screwdriver with the same imprint as your keys. This is also a useful item for anyone to carry and keeps your message always at hand.


Promotional Keys

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Our quality brass Promotional Keys and Steel Bottle Openers/Screwdrivers are made in the USA and are beautifully decorated using the Dybake method. Dybake is a double baked finish of four color process dyes using film, pressure and heat.  The film is produced in and thereby is instrumental in a longer lead time for the production of our keys. The facility in is closed for vacation every year during the entire month of August.

During your next special event, employee event or trade show, the sound of keys being cut will turn heads in your direction; giving you increased foot traffic. In addition, after cutting, your key is now the recipient’s home key being seen every time they fan their keys to find the correct key on their ring.

Two brass key blanks, QuikSet (KW) and Schlage (SC1), make up for 95% of all the brass key blanks used in the U.S. for home front doors. We recommend a 50/50 split for your custom key order. Also available is our steel bottle opener/screwdriver. Within an order, a minimum of 500 is required for each item.

The same image will be printed on both sides. There is no setup charge for the first imageIf you want a different image on the reverse side, there would be a $300 charge. You could put a salespersons name and phone number on the back (minimum of 500 pcs per change).

The professional key cutting machine is $782.50 and is very easy to use, a key can be made in less than a minute. With each purchase of our key cutting machine we will supply one “How to Cut Keys” DVD made specifically for our customers that can be viewed on your computer or television.




Item:  13-RK

Item #  Description  500  750  1000  2500  5000  Qty
RK Brass Promo Key 3.99 3.69 2.99 2.25 2.07
RKT Steel Bottle Opener/Screwdriver 3.99 3.69 3.37 2.25 2.07
Call us for pricing on larger quantities
A TRADE SHOW MUST: Our professional grade Key Cutting Machine.
KCM Key Cutting Machine 782.50
We chose this machine because of it simplicity, reliability and stability for trade shows and an office environment. With each purchase of our key cutting machine we will supply one “How to Cut Keys” DVD made specifically for our customers that can be viewed on your computer or television. Our key cutting machine weighs thirty pounds.

Cutting Machine:

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